ABOUT the daughters' guild

Inspired by her own mother’s work in her Children’s Hospital Guild, Jennifer Davis started the Daughters’ Guild in 2005. We are a group of women, who as daughters, want to pay it forward to the next generation by supporting an organization that has touched us all in some way. We believe strongly in the work of Seattle Childrens, and hope that with your help, we can lessen the burden for families that are fighting for the health of their children. 

The Daughters' Guild includes the following members: 

Michelle Adams, Jennifer Brummitt, Lynly Callaway, Lindsay Christiansen, Catherine Courtney, Jennifer Davis, Kjerstin Ferullo, Andra Freet, Casey Gagnier, Kerstin Gibson, Kimberly Griffin, Allison Headlee, Shannon Heiberg, Jenni Heuberger, Jill James, Tori Kidney, Sarah Kissida, Kelly Kochman, Angela Maehren, Elizabeth Repass, Kelly Stevens, Theresa Stone, Katy Swanson and Rachel Todd